03/04. Mai 2024  Prefferberg Theatre 

Blak Allure is a high energy show that is sure to command your every attention with its extraordinary elements of breath-taking  circus art and panafrican dance. I.am.showman has created a spectacular marriage of new circus disciplines with a group of professional circus artists. This powerful performance is filled with black power and zest that will send your feet into a dancing frenzy and your jaw to the ground. Blak Allure premiered to a sold-out event at Cabuwazi  freedom of movement 2021.

Blak Allure is a 60 minutes show filled with African songs, fused with the distinctive beat of the drums, This energetic show is more than a circus show with a lot of joy & high energy! 

Blak Allure will take you on an African journey:

Exceptional African talents presenting breathtaking acrobatics and passionate African dance backed by live music. There is singing and dancing to the sound of modern Afro beats giving you the sense of African Heart-Beat.


Discover new African stories




Founder & Director

Zimbabwean-born, self-taught circus performer and the founder of I.am.showman Entertainment.

Munetsi has been creating and performing cirque style shows with an African flavour for over 20 years. Some of his acrobatic highlights include performing for Sun City Casino (Johannesburg, South Africa) Ocean Park (Hong Kong), Madi Zelt Dinner show (Berlin, Germany) and many major corporate events and circuses around the world. Munetsi’s experience in the business guarantees creative and successful shows.

Tadios Cherenete

Artistic Director

Tadios Cherenet was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He developed his enthusiasm for the different types of performing arts at the age of 6, where he participated in the famous Circus Ethoiopia. Even at this early stage of his career, Tadios already demonstrated his ability to learn quickly by imitating every element that he has only seen once; his ability to develop skills quickly made the older members of the circus want to work with him. During these years Tadios worked intensively on his acrobatic and juggling skills so that today he perfectly knows how to handle every artistic material.

Show Zelt

In 2020 Munetsi bought two circus tents which he plans to open to play the Blak Allure show, The shows will offer Tapas-style menu with any drinks you order, while watching the performance.


In the second smaller tent will have acrobatic and circus classes for children of all socio-economic backgrounds to come to experience and learn circus skills. The spaces can also be hired for community cultural events. 


Dancer in Blak Allure

Contortion/ Hula Hoop

Contortion/ Hula Hoop

Hand balancer

Acrobat in Blak Allure

Gildo  Gomes

Anthony Katunge


Adel ngeto

Musician in  Blak Allure


Acrobat in Blak Allure 

Circus Varieté: "Blak Allure"

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