Splash Patrol  &  Circus  Workshops

The initial aim of I.am.showman is to provide a circus space for children from all various socio-economic and racial backgrounds to come together as a means of encouraging inter-racial contact in a safe, fun environmental space.

Circus classes are designed for young people to have a chance to learn a wide variety of circus skills. We engage in the various disciplines of circus including aerial acrobatics, juggling manipulation, acro balance, clowning as well as stage presence.

Acro    Classes


A strong, stable handstand is the foundation of circus acrobatics, and a whole-body skill that anyone can learn! In our entry-level Intro to handstand class you'll be introduced to the three pillars of handstand — lighter, thinner, more alive — and practice the basic handstand form.

Get started with Intro to Acrobatics, our entry-level to build confidence and a chance to work in a team. You’ll be introduced to a warm up, conditioning and stretching and you’ll learn the basics of handstands and tumbling, including forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, and round-offs.

Beginning Tumbling

This class is designed for anyone that wants to learn the most basic tumbling skills like cartwheels, round-offs, standing back handsprings and more.

Aerial pole

Find your inner climber in our Chinese Pole classes. In this entry-level class you'll build strength, dexterity and endurance as you learn to climb, slide and hold poses on the acrobatic pole.

People of any age and fitness level can start any of the above classesat any time.

In a 1 hour class you’ll condition, stretch, and learn the basics, intermediate or advanced level


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